Choose the right children's toothbrush to make your children fall in love with brushing


 Children's toothbrushes are toothbrushes designed for children who are developing. On the basis of children learning how to brush their teeth, we must pay attention to choosing the right toothbrush according to the age of the child. Children are developing, and the size of the mouth changes with the development of the body. Therefore, the toothbrushes used by children at different ages are different.

        Brushing is not only for adults, but also for children. In theory, children should brush their teeth from the time their first deciduous teeth erupt, but children’s mouths are very delicate. , it is easy to damage children's teeth and oral cavity, so how to choose children's toothbrush in daily life?

        1. Choose a toothbrush that looks good. Children's toothbrushes also pay attention to appearance, because any small details may be the reason why babies refuse to brush their teeth, so in order not to let them use this as an excuse not to brush their teeth, it is recommended that parents choose a better-looking children's toothbrush. The toothbrush looks good, children will also like to brush their teeth more~

        2. Pay attention to the size of the brush head. As we all know, children's toothbrushes are of course one size smaller than adult toothbrushes, especially the size of the brush head must be in line with the age, to avoid too large or too small to weaken the brushing effect. Generally, the toothbrush head used by children aged 0-2 should not be larger than 15mm, those of 2-6 years old should not be larger than 19mm, and those of 6-12 years old should not be larger than 22mm.

        3. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles. Children's teeth are not as good as adults' teeth in all aspects. They are very delicate and fragile and need gentle care. Therefore, the bristles of the toothbrush used should be as soft as possible so as not to damage the teeth. We recommend a toothbrush specially designed for children, preferably imported ultra-fine soft bristles, with a tip wire diameter < 0.01mm, which gently cleans the mouth and carefully cares for the health of baby's deciduous and permanent teeth.

        4. Choose a safe and environmentally friendly toothbrush. In order not to pollute the environment and also for the oral hygiene of children, we should choose toothbrushes with environmentally friendly materials as much as possible, and be optimistic about whether they are food-grade environmentally friendly materials.

        5. Partial care according to the growth period of teeth. Children's teeth are divided into two stages: deciduous tooth period and tooth replacement period. Due to different nursing needs, the requirements for toothbrushes are of course different, so parents should also pay attention to this when choosing children's toothbrushes for their children. Hongwang Mall's children's series are divided into 3-6 year old deciduous tooth care and 6-12 year old tooth replacement care, providing parents with more choices.


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