How to use an interdental brush correctly?


Interdental brushes are small toothbrushes specially designed to clean the spaces between the teeth, which cannot be reached by ordinary toothbrushes. Cleaning with an interdental brush prevents inflammation of the gums, caries and bad breath; used to remove plaque from surfaces and spaces between teeth that are difficult to self-clean. For example, in the depressions in the premolars, the floss and toothbrush cannot be cleaned. You can choose an interdental brush with a suitable shape and rub back and forth to remove the plaque on the root bifurcation, the concave surface of the teeth, and the distal surface of the last molar; when there are teeth When the arrangement is not neat, there are complex restorations in the oral cavity or gum recession, and the root bifurcation is exposed, a special interdental brush can be used to remove the interproximal dirt, which is obviously better than toothpicks. If the toothbrush can be pressed against the interproximal tooth surface , when the best cleaning effect can be obtained. It can also be used to clean aligners, fixed restorations, dental implants, periodontal splints, gap retainers, and other areas that are difficult to reach with common toothbrushes. How do I use an interdental brush?

1. First, choose a suitable interdental brush. There are various models of interdental brushes with different diameters, and the appropriate model is selected according to the specific situation of each person. The principle of selection is that the diameter of the interdental brush is slightly larger than the interdental space.

2. Slowly insert the interdental brush between the teeth, paying attention to the gentle action. If the gap between the teeth is too small to fit, do not force it to prevent bleeding gums.

3. Gently move the interdental brush back and forth, and use the bristles to gently scrape food debris and tartar to reduce damage to the gums and gums.

4. Slowly pull out the interdental brush and rinse your mouth with water to remove residue. Bleeding of the gums may occur throughout the process, and gargling with water can also stop the bleeding.

5. It can be used with mouthwash, and the gargle time is about three minutes to reduce the possibility of bacterial infection. After the removal is completed, clean the interdental brush, dry the water on the bristles, and put it into the interdental brush cover to prevent for next use.

In addition to toothbrushes, the daily brushing tools also need to learn to use dental floss or interdental brushes. People with small gaps can use dental floss, and people with large gaps can use interdental brushes. The selection standard of interdental brushes is that they can be easily placed. The maximum size of the gap between the teeth. When using the interdental brush, it should not be hard plugged, otherwise it will hurt the gums. But you must pay attention to timely replacement, so as not to breed bacteria, and at the same time choose the size that suits you, so as not to hurt your teeth.

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