Zoom in 600 times to see the truth! Exploding Electric Toothbrushes Revealed

1 2022-03-29

Once upon a time, "Should you use an electric toothbrush" was still a question that plagued many consumers, but with the upgrade of consumption and word-of-mouth effect, it has become a consensus that should use an electric toothbrush to clean teeth. The question before consumers is "Which electric toothbrush to choose".

There are many brands of electric toothbrushes with large price differences

Search for the four keywords "electric toothbrush" on the e-commerce platform, and the products come out. Not only are there many brands, but the price difference is also very large. How should consumers choose?

In order to let consumers recognize the difference between electric toothbrushes of different brands and different price points, so as to choose the most suitable electric toothbrush for them, Zhongguancun Online Home Appliances and Home Channel conducted a multi-directional test on 3 well-known electric toothbrushes on the market. , revealing their hidden side.

Three electric toothbrushes participating in the Hengping review

According to the classification criteria of electric toothbrushes of 100-300 yuan (entry), 300-700 yuan (mainstream), and 700-2000 yuan (high-end), the three electric toothbrushes we selected are priced at 199 yuan.BreakthroughXiaomi Mijia electric toothbrush, Internet celebrity modelOcleanOne electric toothbrush priced at 379 yuan and 2199 yuan The FlagshipPhilips HX9954/52 sonic toothbrush. It can be seen that the price difference between the most expensive Philips and the cheapest Xiaomi is as high as 2,000 yuan, so how big is the gap between them?

In line with "practice is the only criterion for testing truth", we conducted a series of crazy tests on these 3 toothbrushes, and let me reveal some of them first:

Use a microscope to see if the bristles are rounded

In order to check whether the "brush head rounding rate" that all electric toothbrush manufacturers are promoting is up to the standard, the department "spends huge sums of money" to buy a high-definition digital microscope, which can magnify 600 times, and the bristles Details at a glance.

Use a microscope to observe the wear of the toothbrush on the disc

Why do manufacturers emphasize "roundness"? How much wear and tear do brush heads with different rounding rates do to teeth? By rubbing the disc with an electric toothbrush, we'll uncover the secret for you.

Use 6 eggs to tell you who is clean

In order to simulate the real effect of brushing teeth, we soaked the eggs with a material similar to the teeth in "dark food" and colored them day and night, and the white eggs became "colored eggs". Can a toothbrush make it "just as it is"?

Who is the real “King of Electric Ass”?

You should know that the vibration frequency and swing of the brush head of the electric toothbrush have a certain influence on the brushing effect. In order to give you an intuitive feeling, we recorded the change of the water surface when the electric toothbrush entered the water, and compared the size of the water splash. Determine which toothbrush is more "powerful".

Who is more reliable for interdental cleaning?

The gap between the teeth is the most easily overlooked place in our daily teeth cleaning, and it is also the place where the dental plaque likes to hide. Which toothbrush can penetrate deep into the teeth to clean the teeth, we use experiments to speak.

After all, toothbrush is an experience-oriented product. How do you feel when using the three toothbrushes? It is said that "evaluation without real-life experience is a hooligan", then follow your wishes and fasten your seat belts.


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