What you need to know about choosing a toothbrush every day

1 2022-03-29

Facing the dazzling array of toothbrushes on the supermarket shelves, many people have the following questions: massage type, whirlwind type, and precursor type : Small brush head, moderately soft and hard bristles, and sanded toothbrushes have the best health care effect.
What you need to know about choosing a toothbrush every day
brush head size
Experts say that the brush head is generally a little smaller to ensure that it can rotate flexibly in the mouth. Children with small mouths require smaller brush heads. In general, the size of the brush head should be determined according to each individual's situation, and factors such as the size of the mouth, the degree of mouth opening and personal habits need to be comprehensively considered, and there is no uniform standard.
The bristles are soft and hard
The bristles should be moderately soft or hard, or slightly soft. But be careful, too soft bristles are easy to brush and dirty. At present, the common bristles are mostly made of nylon filaments. Specifically, it can be divided into two types - ordinary silk and DuPont silk. DuPont silk has good elasticity and is not easy to fall.
sanding treatment
After the bristles are cut, if they are not smoothed, it is easy to cause damage due to being too sharp. A bristle toothbrush with rounded bristle tips prevents this damage and is more protective of your gums.
At the same time, the dentist reminds everyone that it is best to replace the toothbrush every 3 months. If you use it for too long, the bristles will accumulate bacteria, which is not good for oral health. People who use DuPont filament bristles should not change their toothbrush because the bristles are not falling over.
In addition, whether the brush head is square or diamond-shaped, whether the upper edge of the bristles is flush or wavy, and whether the brush handle is curved or straight has no effect on the brushing effect. It is good to use the most common straight-handled toothbrush.
Electric toothbrushes are suitable for special people
Since the electric toothbrush was launched in the Chinese market, it has gradually been favored by people for its convenience and labor-saving features. Currently, there are two types of electric toothbrushes on the market, namely ordinary electric toothbrushes and sonic vibration toothbrushes. For the elderly, children or people with physical disabilities, it is recommended to use an ordinary electric toothbrush. However, the efficacy of this type of toothbrush should not be too superstitious. As long as the brushing method is correct, manual toothbrushes are as easy to use as ordinary electric toothbrushes. Relatively speaking, the sonic vibration toothbrush has a stronger health care effect. It can flush out the food remaining in the teeth through sound waves. This effect is difficult to achieve with other toothbrushes. Unfortunately, such toothbrushes are more expensive.

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