Children's toothbrush sampling report released nearly 20% unqualified


Baby teeth erupt a few months after birth. Generally, all 20 deciduous teeth appear at the age of two. Regular cleaning of the mouth is inseparable from children's toothbrushes. Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision conducted quality supervision and spot checks on children's toothbrush products. Among the 57 batches of products, 47 batches were qualified, and the pass rate was 82.5%.

2 batches of products of Jiangsu toothbrush enterprise failed the inspection

Jiangsu is a major province of toothbrush production, with more than 70 toothbrush companies, mainly concentrated in Hangji Town, Yangzhou City, including well-known brands such as Colgate, Sanxiao, Bejiajie, Kejie Kejing, and Yida. The reporter saw in the random inspection report that among the 57 batches of children's toothbrushes inspected this time, there were 33 batches of products from Jiangsu enterprises, and 2 batches of unqualified products were purchased from e-commerce platforms.

The reporter learned from the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau that in this supervision and inspection of children's toothbrushes, hygiene requirements, safety requirements, sharpening wire, bristle tension, neck bending resistance, single wire bending recovery rate, and hair grinding items were all qualified. The existing problems are concentrated in the classification items of bristles and bristle strength. Among them, 2 batches of nylon bristle toothbrushes are unqualified, and 8 batches of children's sharpened wire toothbrush bristle strength classification items are unqualified.

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